Who We Are

Mobi Garden, an international camping and outdoor sports brand. Since our beginnings in 2003 with the "Cold Mountain" hiking tent, we have evolved into a brand that embraces the spirit of exploration and outdoor exhilaration. From camping to hiking, mountaineering to conquering high altitudes, our passion lies in crafting extraordinary gear and apparel that embody the perfect blend of comfort, top-notch quality, and exceptional performance.

Legend of Cold Mountain

In 2003, Mobi Garden revolutionized traditional hiking tents, overcoming the issues of heat and heavy weight. Through innovative improvements in aluminum pole frames and ventilation systems, we introduced the groundbreaking first generation of the "Cold Mountain" hiking tent. It quickly became the benchmark product for hiking and mountaineering in China.
Today, through continuous independent iterations and innovations by our R&D team, we present the fifth generation of the "Cold Mountain" series, catering to diverse camping needs. This legendary product has achieved extraordinary sales of over 800,000 units.

The Journey Begins

With Professional Poise, We Fill The Void In Chinese Camping.
The hiking tent Cold Mountain makes its debut, and a legend is born.
We ascend to the top ten outdoor brands in China, continuously garnering accolades ever since. Cold Mountain becomes an industry benchmark, now in its fifth generation, with over 800,000 tents sold, an unassailable leading position.
As the official partner of Peking University's Mountaineering Club, China's hiking tent steps onto the public stage.

Stepping into Spotlight

Representing China's Camping Brands On The World Stage.
Becoming the official partner of the International Motor Camping Association, embodying China's camping brands' journey to the world. Successively clinching the title of Most Loved Brand for four consecutive years (2010-2013).
As the title sponsor of the China University of Geosciences Outdoor Team, we participated in various world-class outdoor competitions and received numerous awards.
Launching the "Boundless Journey" themed event, leaving our footprints across the globe.

Company IPO

Becoming China's First Camping Stock.
Honored with the Silver Award of the Asian Outdoor Industry, garnering global professional recognition.
Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, thus becoming China's first publicly traded camping company.
Proudly received the ISPO AWARD Global Design Award, a shining moment for Chinese camping brands.

Leading the Way

Ushering In A New Era Of Camping and Outdoor Sports.
● Mobi Garden × LINE FRIENDS joint style, initiating cross-industry strides.
● Mobi Garden × [ Go Camping ]
● Mobi Garden × INNESECT
● Mobi Garden × YURU CAMP
● Mobi Garden × Popular Camping Site Appreciation
● Mobi Garden × [ VOYAGE ] shooting camping-themed features with various celebrities.
● The first offline flagship nationwide.
MOBI GARDEN Camping Lifestyle Store – Grand Opening.
TS100 Annual Camping Leadership Brand Award

Embracing Sustainability

Creating Harmony with Nature

At Mobi Garden, we are committed to upholding sustainable and eco-friendly principles while continuously practicing corporate social responsibility. Introducing our groundbreaking "BACK TO ZERO" sustainable fashion collection, we pledge that our B20 series exclusively utilizes environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics. We actively promote the concept of "Leave No Trace" camping and have joined forces with multiple campsites to initiate the first-ever "Leave No Trace Camping" manifesto in China. Together, we raise our voices for environmental protection and strive to co-create a harmonious relationship with nature.