MOBI GARDEN Era260 Air Tent


  • [Product Name] Era260 Cotton Air Tent
    [Product Number] NX22561006
    [Storage size] 90 * 46 * 46cm
    [Size] 420 * 260 * 260cm
    [Weight] 31kg
    [Tent material] 65% polyester+35% cotton UV50+antibacterial treatment
    [Waterproof index] PU600MM * Prohibited in rainstorm
    [Land] 30% polyester+70% polyvinyl chloride
    [Air pipe] External - Polyester internal - Polyethylene
    [Folding] 6 series aviation aluminum (33mm) with a height of 2.6 meters
    [Number of packages] 24
    [Number of strings] 12
    ① Inject with a manual air pump
    When injecting the air pump, if the injection is sufficient, it can be severely punished.
    ② When inflating with an automatic air pump
    Inject 5.5 PSL of air and separate it.
    ③ When the temperature is above 37 ℃ (spring/summer camping)
    If the external temperature is high, the air pressure will increase by about 40%, so appropriate air emissions are needed.